Remèdes à la maison pour des cheveux sains et beaux

Ce n'est probablement pas le meilleur accessoire capillaire usuel pour vous fashionista, mais, croyez-nous, il s'agit du produit de beauté secret dont aucune femme ayant de beaux cheveux ne se passerait peu importe le temps écoulé, autrement ... money they may be spending at the salon. This is the first step to having beautiful hair and it starts at home. Nothing else will work to full advantage – not all the colouring, straightening, styling and blow drying in all the world – without a healthy scalp and hair that’s in top condition.
If your hair is tired, dry, overprocessed or just hasn't had some TLC in a long time, then this routine is a fabulous rescue remedy. And if your hair is in good condition, then there’s nothing wrong with some added pampering, right?
So what do you need? Just a bottle of high quality oil like coconut, olive or almond from your store. While all these oils have wonderful nourishing properties, we’ll talk about olive oil in this blog simply because it's available at most stores.
Of course you don't need us to tell you just what a wonderful thing olive oil is! Even so, we'll give you the facts, just to remind you. Rich in antioxidants, packed with emollients. It's those goodies that also do wonders for your hair, gently cleansing your scalp, fighting dandruff. Olive oil also has super-smoothing benefits that eliminate frizzies, adding a shiny smoothness while repairing and strengthening damaged hair.
Take about two tablespoons of olive oil, heat it up gently to a comfortable temperature (either in the microwave or on your stove), then part your hair into sections and apply the warm oil. You can then lightly massage it through your scalp, cover your hair with a warm, damp towel and wait for half an hour. Or longer. It’s entirely up to you.
Some women like to keep the oil on through the night for a more intensive conditioning treatment. It depends on how dry and damaged your hair is.
Once a month you can mix in a raw egg for an added protein boost that will leave your hair mega bouncy. You can even add a few drops of essential oil to your olive oil – lavender oil is a good one to choose for its calming properties.
Afterwards, wash out the oil with a gentle shampoo, style as usual and tell us what you see in the mirror!
Editor’s Note: We've been asked about which type of olive oil to use to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Coconut or Almond Oils are fine as well. It's best to find hair oils that have natural ingredients, rather than ones that are just 'flavored' or perfumed.
Olive oil is something we mentioned because it's readily available, but if you find a special hair oil that is enriched with genuinely natural olive oil, that's best. We recommend a branded oil such as Vatika Olive Enriched Hair Oil. It contains Virgin Olive Oil along with special nourishing extracts of Almonds, Cactus and Lemon.
The advantage of using an all natural hair oil such as the Vatika Olive Enriched Hair Oil, is that you get the added benefits of the other natural ingredients. The almond helps with coating, conditioning and softening your hair. Cactus gives your hair volume and health. Lemon regulates sebum flow and helps keep dandruff away. This extra nourishment gives you gorgeous, problem free hair!